The Food Court

We have worked with the HWA to create a better version of our “New Talent” endeavor. We wanted to thank everyone involved in the process of improving, both those who’ve helped come up with solutions, and those who support our magazine in general. You all rock!

Big Change #1

We will no longer call this endeavor “New Talent.” From now on, we will call this “The Food Court.” Please hold your applause.

Big Change #2

This endeavor will no longer be housed on We are in the process of creating a Google Sites to place the stories and submission guidelines.

Big Change #3

The Food Court will now only be available for authors under the age of 15. This is because we’ve decided to allow anyone 15 and older to submit their stories to issues of The Maul. This decision came after a conversation with our Operations Supervisor, who pointed out that in Illinois, where we’re based, kids 15 and older can work without a permit. If that’s the case, who are we to say we can’t work a contract out with their parents? If it’s good enough for the great State of Illinois, it’s good enough for us.

Big Change #4

Authors 14 and under who get published in The Food Court will receive compensation. We won’t navigate a contract with them, however we will be sending them merchandise equal in value to 3 cents per word. This rate was recommended by HWA.

And that’s it.

There’s more but most everything else will be explained on our website. If you have more questions on our reasoning or just want to complain loudly at us, feel free to email or DM anytime. Thanks again y’all!

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