Siren Head

by EJ Whitney

I’m pretty sure you know who he is, don’t you? 

You don’t? 

Well let me tell you the facts about this horrifying thing and believe me, it’s something you don’t want to mess with. Siren Head lives in the forests that surround cities (like yours) and is 40 feet tall! That’s right, you’re not reading that wrong- 40 ft.

 Yet the giant thing somehow sneaks on its prey and is on them before they have a chance to escape. 

Are you curious what it kills?

Well let’s just say, anything in its sight

Now, back to the facts… 

This tan, fleshy, mummified creature has sirens for its head and he uses these sirens to hurt your ears and freeze you with fear. When you hear those sirens screaming, you have no choice but to plug your ears and run. Whatever you do, if you hear those sirens, do not stand still– you absolutely must run.  

Unless you would like to die… Would you? 

One weakness: if you have a walky talky, you need to listen carefully, especially if you are out by the forest, because the more messed up and staticky the walky sounds, the closer Siren Head is. 

Another tip: Quick! Feel your heart’s pulse on your wrist. Okay, good. Is your pulse fast? Yes? You’d better hide! That means he is close. 

Now, let’s say someone is by you, maybe a friend (Let’s name that friend Max). Now, Max is by you and he is feeling his heart and it’s slow and normal but your heart rate is fast.. 

This means YOU are being targeted by Siren Head–

–so you might want to run!

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