This magazine was conceived on the notion that it seems, if you want to love horror, you either have to relish in the spooky time of year when even Sesame Street has a Halloween episode, or you have to pull the band-aid off and somehow get super into splatterpunk.

This magazine strives to provide a place in between Stephen King and R.L. Stine. Horror that initiates the uninitiated, and gives a thrill to those looking for one. If you’re the type of person who loves horror, but only certain authors, or certain movies, if you’re someone who wants to love horror but doesn’t know where to look, try out a few stories here. Dip your toe in the lake of the thriller, we promise there’s less than a two percent chance something slimy will grab it.


Brian Rosten – Editor

Lies he’d like you to believe – Brian Rosten is a special agent sent from the future to stop something important that he forgot about shortly upon arrival and then decided to run a magazine instead. He hates broccoli on pizza.

Samantha Rosten – Operations Manager

Lies she’d like you to believe – Samantha Rosten is her own personal assistant. However, since she can’t remember which of her is the original and which is the clone, it’s more of a symbiotic relationship.

Bryanna Zimmerman – Managing Editor

Lies she’d like you to believe – Bryanna Zimmerman is a well-read immortal being who travels the world in search of the perfect story. She hasn’t found it yet.

Joseph Pickell – Managing Editor

Lies he’d like you to believe – As a former script writer for Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, and Jack Van Impe ministries, the Honorable and Self-Proclaimed Rev. J. W. Pickell knows the pen is more profitable than the sword.

Evan Anderson-Bliss – Audio Story Narrator

Lies he’d like you to believe – Evan is officially recognized as the second ever native speaker of Esperanto, and he is in no way jealous of his older brother for being the first. He was a part of the first successful separation of twins conjoined at the toes. He was indirectly responsible for the NATO campaign in Serbia/Kosovo in 1999. He currently awaits trial for the murder of his older brother.

Stephanie Nelson – Managing Editor

Lies she’d like you to believe – Stephanie Nelson lives far, far off the grid doing whatever the hell she wants. The author, editor, and soccer mom you see is her hostage.

Aleksander Wittkamp – Managing Editor

Lies he’d like you to believe – Aleks Wittkamp chews whole coffee beans. He dances the Mambo Number Six. Last year, he survived a salmon run and spawned his eggs in an Alaskan gravel bed. He doesn’t sleep; he kegels.

AC Bauer – Managing Editor

Lies he’d like you to believe – A.C. Bauer is a collection of three orange cats in a trenchcoat click clack meowing their way into oblivion.

LL Garland – Managing Editor

Lies she’d like you to believe – After centuries of toil, trouble, and targeted attrition LL Garland was recently elected leader of the Hedge Witches Guild. Her cantrips, hexes, and elixirs can be purchased at industry-standard rates. Those attempting to quibble or swindle by paying with deer hearts or cow eyes will be fed to her goat.

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