Flash Fiction Contest

We’re holding a Cosmic Horror Contest!

It turns out running a magazine where people actually pay their authors costs money. Who knew? We’d like to continue paying authors and artists for their amazing work, so we’re holding a contest at $5 per entry (and unlimited entries!) in order to raise funds.

Money raised will go to:

  • Paying authors and artists for our next issue (which typically runs us in the neighborhood of $800)
  • If we somehow raise more than that, we’ll be putting some money toward an automated submission system (based on our research, we’re most interested in Moksha)
  • We probably won’t raise more than that. But if by some miracle we did, we’d put the rest toward ads on Google and Facebook (and possibly other magazine websites)

Our theme is Cosmic Horror. We’ll be putting out a separate details page with our thoughts on Cosmic Horror at a later date, but if you wanna get started writing (or digging through your trunk stories now), just know that we’re looking for fresh takes in a thousand words or less on the Cosmic Horror genre.

To submit, send $5 per entry to themaulmagazine@gmail.com via PayPal. Unlimited entries. Send your stories to that email address well. Any format you want to put the story in is fine (attachment, copy and paste, whatever). Don’t stress about a cover letter.

Grand Prize is $100 and publication on our website and in our next issue of The Maul. That number is based on the fact that we have no idea how many entries we’ll get so it seemed a reasonable amount to pay regardless of whether the fundraiser is successful or not.

Contest ends May 16th 2023

Also, our editor pledges to give at least one sentence of personalized feedback to every single submission. 

So please consider helping this magazine stay afloat by entering. We’d love to read your takes, hot takes, surrealist interpretations, and yes, lord help us, even your poetry within the Cosmic Horror genre.

Good Luck, y’all.

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